Hi, My name is Mindy Millington. There are many ways I could describe myself but I will start with the most important.

I am a daughter of God.

It was when I first understood the importance of that designation that I began to grow as a person. My Heavenly Father loves me and He loves you too.

Now, other ways I could describe myself:

  • Mother of 7
  • Wife
  • US Army Vet (Desert Storm)
  • College Graduate (Business Mgt)
  • Latter Day Saint and Christian
  • Business Woman
  • Determined, Organized, Faithful
  • Life Coach

I thrive on helping people. I have several income streams that I use to further my financial goals to include real estate investing and insurance protection sales.

My heart is focused on helping others achieve their goals. By doing this, I know that all my needs will be met – through service to others.

I don’t have all the answers for YOU…however, I know how to find them. I know how to help you sort through, ponder, search and ask God to know what is right for you and how to accomplish your goals.

I have organizational and scheduling tricks that will help you become more efficient. I know who the gurus are and I know how to help you line up the support team that you need.

I look forward to meeting with you, talking with you, praying with you, planning with you and finally, celebrating with you.


Mindy Millington

I'm a Mormon.


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