Too Much To Do? – A lesson from God

I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities in this past year or so. Within a month of enrolling in my Master’s program, I won a full scholarship which allowed me to expedite the learning process to graduate earlier. I opened a private office for my massage therapy practice and expanded my efforts to include smoking cessation. I worked hard on my day job, as it paid the bills as I was growing my dream. I felt that I had plenty to do and did not seek any further responsibilities. Then, the very beginning of this year, I was introduced to the opportunity of providing cancer genomic screenings. My mother passed away at age 47 from cancer so this is a service I could get behind.  The problem was, when was I going to find time to get any of this stuff done?

Having so many oars in the water began having a detrimental effect on my mind, body, and attention span. I would sit down and my computer knowing all the various tasks I needed to accomplish only to sit and stare at a screen in overwhelming frustration.

Most people would confer with the Lord and figure out ways to simplify. I have done so on many occasions. I love simplifying and getting rid of things, people, and tasks that no longer serve any purpose in my life. However, the responsibilities I now possess are not ones I can just get rid of.

So, like with any problem, I consulted my Heavenly Father. I took the time to renew my energy field by forgiving or asking for forgiveness of any person or event that was negatively affecting my life. I asked the Lord to help reveal to me what the problems truly were and how to find solutions.

This is when the first BAM! hit me. I have several priorities and I have made them all equally important so they were fighting for my attention. That is why I would sit down at the computer screen and go brain dead. My brain couldn’t decide what the immediate priority was as all are important.

Taking a cue from Mr. Brian Tracy and his book “Time Management”, I begin an exercise in sorting through my responsibilities to prioritize more effectively. I identified the two most important goals for this year and what responsibilities were directly related to those goals. Then, I begin asking myself what I needed to do to meet those responsibilities in the quickest and most efficient manner. A plan began forming.

As I was doing this, I randomly questioned WHY it was so important that I have all these responsibilities at one time. Why couldn’t I be like normal people and just eliminate?

My second BAM! hit about this time. The Spirit led me to understand that I was in training. As I learned how to master my priorities and my time management, I was preparing for greater things. I could choose to skip the lesson and eliminate but I would lose out on so many future blessings.

Heavenly Father knows that I have a personal mission to positively affect one million women one day. He is using an overloaded work schedule to mold me into someone who can handle that level of responsibility. As I have committed to serve in a big way, He has committed to training me in a big, uncomfortable way. This understanding has renewed my strength and has increased my level of gratitude. My frustration over priorities and time management have lessened as my commitment to persevere has been renewed.

What an awesome God I serve!


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