16 Stones of Financial Success

There is a story in the Book of Mormon about the brother of Jared. He was a prophet who was responsible for helping his people travel from that continent to the American continent. The Lord instructed him on how to build an air tight ship.

There were two problems that needed to be solved in order for them to travel. First they needed to allow air into the ship on occasion and the Lord instructed them on how to make air holes to unplug when needed. Second they needed to have light so that they would not have to travel in darkness.. However the design of the ship prevented fire and they did not have electricity during this time.

The brother of Jared went into the Lord and inquired on what should they do for light and the Lord responded that the brother Jared should come up with an idea. The brother of Jared went to the Mountaintop molten some rock and made 16 stones. These stones were very clear and pure. He took the stones to the Lord and ask that the Lord touch each stone so that the stones would produce light. It was done as he asked.
I have pondered this story for years. One of the lessons I have learned is that each stone could be a representation some facet of my financial situation. How can I ask my heavenly Father to bless my financial situation if I have not done the physical work needed to create the stones for him to touch. In the Book of Malachi it states that the windows of Heaven would be open and there would not be room enough to receive all the blessings if we pay our full tithe. However I have often thought that if we do not have proverbial bucket to collect all those blessings then we are missing out on so much.

I have made a correlation between creating Financial stones and the proverbial bucket to collect Financial blessings from Heaven as we paid tithing. The more that we do to create Avenues of income or savings then the more Heavenly Father has pathways to bless us.

I decided to make paper stones and write a category on each stone that represents some part of my financial situation.

As you can see from the picture I have 16 categories of areas I desire to work on in my personal and financial life.

I then created a journal where I have tabs allocating space to each Stone. As I work on building my stone I keep record of the actions I take. For example as I work on marketing my massage practice I keep record of the tasks that I perform to record the intention of being focused.

This Focus stimulates the law of attraction to bring abundance through Heavenly father’s blessings in these specific areas of my life.

Just in the past year or so that I have been focusing on working on each Financial stone I have already noticed a dramatic Improvement. I fully believe that as I continue on this path focused tasks that I will achieve all of my financial goals.

What could you do to create Financial stones or proverbial buckets to collect the blessings that heavenly father has in store for you?


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