Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas! This is my most favorite day of the year and not just because of the presents.

I love to take time to ponder on Christ as he was a child. Having 7 kids and knowing the trials in raising them, I have to give Mary and Joseph kudos for raising the savior.

Of course Jesus was perfect so I know they didn’t have to discipline him. But, being the earthly parents of a deity had its own challenges, I’m sure. When Christ was 12, he stayed behind at the temple to be about his Heavenly Father’s work while the rest of the family journeyed a day’s travel. His mother was frantically searching for him because she forgot for a little while that he had a bigger mission on the earth than just being her son.

I am blessed with 5 sons – 3, I birthed and 2, I was given. The thought one of them being persecuted, hung on a cross and taken away from me is too much to bear. I can’t imagine how strong Mary had to have been.

Of course, this is Christmas day, so lets just reflect on the birth of the Savior. Have you ever been in a barn? It is an awful smell. Yet, the most important person on this earth was born in such a humble place. My heart is overwhelmed with such gratitude as I think of his humble beginnings and how much he achieved on this earth.

He freed us from temporal death. Because he was resurrected, we ALL will be resurrected at his coming.

He freed us from spiritual death. As long as we take upon the name of Christ and become his disciples – following in his foot steps – and repenting through his atonement, we will be raised from spiritual death and live with Heavenly Father once more.

  • I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He has opened the doorway for all of us to have eternal life if we but repent and follow his footsteps.
  • I believe the KJV of the Bible to be true and it teaches of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the middle east region.
  • I believe the Book of Mormon to be true and it teaches of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the America continents.

These two books stand as two witnesses that Jesus IS the Christ, that he died and was resurrected for us, and that he is coming back in all glory for the world to see.

Jesus Christ loves us. His love can help us when we are feeling down, depressed or alone. Many people are suffering this year because of extreme losses such as losing a loved one or a child.

My heart goes out to a family from my home town whose baby just died from complications from choking. You know they have presents waiting under the tree for this child with hope that they could watch him enjoy Christmas morning. Instead, they bury their child. That pain is enormous and the only way they are bearing it is through the prayers of others and the strength of Jesus Christ.

My message to you, this day, is feel the HOPE that Jesus Christ offers you. Don’t despair. You are truly loved. Arms are waiting to encircle you and hold you.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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